Ensure privacy on the internet. 8 best VPN programs
VPNs provide privacy on the Internet. And the ability to protect privacy and location is key for many users.

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Windscribe VPN

Program for anonymous use of the Internet. Windscribe hides our location, encrypts traffic during browsing, blocks advertising, and allows you to bypass regional blockades. The free version of the program gives access to VPN servers in 10 locations (including USA, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland) and has a monthly data limit of 10 GB. It requires setting up an account to use the program.

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Private Tunnel

This is one of the most interesting programs to use the VPN network. It uses the OpenVPN protocol and allows you to connect to a network of servers deployed around the world. On the basis of a free program and protocol, an application was created that ensures maximum protection, and thanks to paid servers - one of the highest performance. There is only 200 MB of monthly transfer available to the user in the free version.

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Hotspot Shield

One of the simplest to use programs that allow you to browse the Internet safely using the tunnel connection in the VPN network. Such a tunnel prevents third parties from overhearing our conversations, checking browsing history and other activities performed on the network. There is no automatic function to select the best server. Attention! Requires entering your credit card details to start the trial period. If we do not want to pay for it, we must remember to cancel subscription.

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A program for safe surfing on the internet. Its main advantages are as much as 2 GB of free transfer each month. It is under the jurisdiction of Malaysia and does not record any data about user logs. It also has several disadvantages, the largest of which is a fairly limited number of servers in the free version of the program, poor technical support and fairly slow data transfer. The program's operation is very simple and, in short, it all boils down to activating the trial period (which can be renewed indefinitely) and connecting to the VPN server.

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One of the best programs to securely connect to the internet. Thanks to it, we can connect anonymously to websites without disclosing our data. Servers are placed in various places around the world, thanks to which we will easily avoid blockades, for example on YouTube, limiting the ability to watch movies in our country. TunnelBear will work perfectly in the hands of novice users. At our disposal, a 500 MB transfer package is available for free within one month.

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In the free version of the program, there is a 500 MB transfer for use per month. The developers ensure that the service is active and efficient for over 99.9 percent of the time per year, which is extremely important if we want a stable, secure connection. SurfEasy in the free version does not allow the use of the Torrent network and does not completely erase all user's network traces. Plus, it is possible to use one account on up to five different devices.

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Avira Phantom VPN Free

An additional Avira package that allows you to use the free connection to a secured VPN. Monthly, we can use 500 MB of transfer for free. There are a lot of servers at our disposal, which are not blocked in the free version, as is often the case in other programs of this type. Unfortunately, if we care about the speed of the connection, Avira Phantom may not meet our expectations - the speed is quite slow.

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Speedify is a very modern-looking application that allows you to use an encrypted connection to the VPN network. There are many servers available in various locations around the world, and we can also choose between, for example, the fastest server or server that allows you to use the Torrent network. Unfortunately, in our test  server performance has been so poor that this program is best suited for browsing websites on the internet.

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