Google boasts a great purge on Google Play
Dangerous, unrecognized and useless applications are the bane of Google Play, which scares almost from the very beginning of Android. Although the giant from Mountain View does what it can to deal with this problem, I have the impression that it is a fight with windmills. I do not count how many times we wrote last year about applications that should never have hit Google Play. Interestingly, this week, Google boasted ... great results of its fight against applications that do not meet the relevant standards.

On Google's blog recently appeared a text listing the merits of Google for increased security in their store of applications and games. They do what they can, but I have the impression that it is still not enough ...

[Image: W88fSnA.jpg]

Last year, the number of applications that were rejected due to failure to meet Google Play standards increased by 55%. Interestingly, the number of these productions, which miraculously went to the store, has also been increased, but they have been removed from it. The number of "suspensions" of applications and games over the past year has increased by over 66 percent. It sounds really promising, if not for one thing ... In recent years, the number of attacks by cybercriminals has increased, targeting users who are unaware of the use of tools based on codes that hide unpleasant surprises.

Google also boasts of automated security systems that are learning to recognize dangerous or malicious programs. This is a promising direction, but for now, nothing can replace the cyber security expert. It is these specialists that most often identify the threat. And even though Google Play Protect scans on a daily basis over 50 billion programs installed on our smartphones, we still can not feel completely safe.

What will Google do next?

It is even more interesting when we read about the article on the "malicious net of developers" and the article published on the Google blog. It turns out that organized crime is not just the domain of the mafia. The algorithms are to automatically recognize connected profiles and eliminate criminals who create new accounts. Machine learning is also intended to help recognize dangerous solutions implemented in the code.

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