Google is finally running a great feature in Maps
Google finally decided to launch a beta version of the feature, which was announced a few good months ago. More specifically, this is about "Live View", which is navigation in Maps via augmented reality - all in real time. From the beginning, the option could be used by people saved as local guides and those users who had Google Pixel smartphones. This time "Live View" will go on all compatible devices with Android and iOS. The function requires support for ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android).

The "Live View" function will allow you to use the Street View mode as if it were live. The option will be useful in foreign cities during real-time navigation - users will be able to see where they are and what their route to the destination looks like. Live view is activated with a single button directly on the screen.

"Live View" promoted by Google was not created to keep your smartphone constantly while walking. The use of this function is limited to a quick glance at the road and useful orientation in the field: mainly due to large and legible arrows superimposed on the real scenery in front of the user.

[Image: VqQnkXT.jpg]

This is not the only novelty that goes to smartphones and the Google Maps application. In addition, users can also count on a comprehensively designed Reservations tab, which will allow you to view information about booked flights and hotel stays. In addition, each of these contents can be previewed and modified without having to have an active internet connection.

New changes to Google Maps will appear on Android and iOS smartphones in the next few weeks. The American manufacturer pays attention to be patient when implementing new products.

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