Intel revealed the names and specifications of Core 9000 processors for the most powe
Previous rumors are confirmed. An official list of Intel processors has been added to the network, updated with the yet unannounced Core 9000 series H series. They are systems designed for use in the most efficient notebooks for gamers. According to the document prepared by the blue, six processors hit the market, with the flagship Core i9-9980HK at the forefront.

This chip is to offer 8 cores and 16 threads, 16 MB cache memory and Boost clock at the level of up to 5 GHz. The core i9-9980HK will also be the only system with an unlocked multiplier, so you can easily turn it up. The lower level in the hierarchy is Core i9-9880H, which has the same configuration of cores, threads and L3 cache memory, but its clock is 200 MHz lower than in the flagship model.

[Image: 164DgdD.jpg]

The Blues have also prepared two six-core and twelve-threaded Core i7 constructions. It's about Core i7-9850H and Core i7-9750H versions, in which case we have 12 MB of cache memory, and Boost clocks are 4.6 GHz and 4.5 GHz respectively. The last ones in the list are Core i5-9400H and Core i5-9300H models. These are processors offering 4 cores, 8 threads and 8 MB of L3 cache memory. The maximum clock speed in Boost is in the case of the first of 4.3 GHz and the second 4.1 GHz.

All these chips have on board the known Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics chip and DDR4-2666 controller. TDP chips are not given, but usually units from the H series have this index set at 45 W. It is difficult to say whether in the case of octlight models such work parameters will make sense and whether there will be a problem with excessive clocking.

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