LibreOffice 6.2 now available. It introduces a new interface and many other changes
As announced on the The Document Foundation servers, there are already installation files for the open LibreOffice office suite, version 6.2. The most recognizable are the changes in the program interface, but these are not the only changes that have been made.

LibreOffice 6.2 introduced a new, optional interface called Tabbed (also known as Notebookbar, which is very confusing), available for the most important programs: Write, Calc, Draw and Impress. The commands have been collected thematically in cards, the visibility of which can be switched on and off in the same way as traditional toolbars. The interfaces available in the programs may vary, but tabbed compact should also appear with tabbed, and if we enable experimental features, we will see more options.

[Image: NF2UIHk.jpg]

LibreOffice 6.2 also introduces many other fixes. We can count on, for example, better import and export of PPT and PPTX presentations from Microsoft Office and more accurate import and rendering of vector graphics. In text documents, we can also paste the contents of spreadsheets into the table. You can insert a place for signature in spreadsheets, which is useful for billing and orders. You can also use regular expressions (REGEX function) when searching and replacing text in cells. On Linux, we will benefit from improved integration with the KDE environment, Qt5 and LXQt graphics libraries. On all systems, the program should look better on HiDPI screens.

32-bit LibreOffice compilations are no longer prepared for Linux. The file browser for Android and the browser version of the package have also been improved. The full list of changes can be found in the Wiki.

You can download LibreOffice from official Libre Office website

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