Microsoft employees eavesdrop on our Skype calls
After Google and Apple, it's time for the creators of Windows.

The earthquake about listening to conversations of users of various popular services by the largest technology companies in the world continues. After two recent scandals, representatives of Google and Apple decided to stop (probably temporary) the transmission of audio samples recorded by assistants to their language specialists. Now the media attention has turned to Microsoft.

The latest report prepared by Motherboard shows that fragments of conversations conducted by Skype users are forwarded to Microsoft contractors. The language specialists of the giant are working on materials recorded in a situation where a given user used a module that translates the conversation into another language.

Motherboard journalists fell into internal documents, conversation records and screenshots. If, as part of a journalistic inquiry, such things can be obtained by the press, anyone can get them. What's more, the site informs that it also has files suggesting that contractors are listening to commands issued towards the voice assistant - Cortana.

A Microsoft associate cited by Motherboard says basically the same thing Apple and Google colleagues said. The sound samples include confidential information, private conversations, as well as the sounds of everyday life - including intercourse. Users' home addresses are often found in commands registered by Cortana. The contractor believes that the company is not doing enough to ensure a suitable environment for testing these sound samples.

We also learned that saved recordings usually last from 5 to 10 seconds, although they also include longer materials.

Microsoft in the Skype messenger FAQ informs that the application collects samples of conversations to improve the company's products - but nobody writes anywhere that these will be analyzed by people. Microsoft representatives ensure that the data is secure on the company's internal website, and information that identifies the user is deleted. If so, then why did Motherboard get them?

If you think that the phenomenon of "eavesdropping" applies only to the largest companies, then you are wrong. The creators of any application that you give access to the microphone on your device can in theory listen to the sound recorded by it. Of the two bad things, it's better to allow Google, Apple and Microsoft data processing than completely anonymous developers, right? Or maybe it's best to completely cut off from this type of application?

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