Microsoft: user data leaked. What do you need to know?
Microsoft reported that hackers have gained access to some of's user accounts. Admittedly, they could not get an insight into the message, but they had access to e-mail addresses, folder names and e-mail titles. Unauthorized access took place in the first three months of this year. is another place where data leakage occurred. Microsoft reported that on January 1 - March 28, hackers gained access to information from some users. They managed to do this through a support service. What exactly data was accessed?

Microsoft explains that cybercriminals had access to selected accounts in the domains @, @ and @ In the case of business users, there were no violations. Hackers have gained access to e-mail addresses, message titles and folder names. However, they did not have access to the content of e-mails and their attachments.

The support account that was used by cybercriminals has already been suspended. Microsoft recommends changing the password to users, though these have not fallen into the hands of hackers. It is not known how many users are affected, but it is known that some of them are from Europe.

Unfortunately, but the hackers are not idle and every now and then try new ways to take over the private data of Internet users. Remember that it is also worth investing in an antivirus program that will increase the security of your computer, check the list of the best anti-viruses.

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