Opera - changes in the built-in VPN in the latest update
Opera was the first to provide its users with a free VPN connection for over a year, which can be established from the browser itself. This is one of the fastest methods to bypass geoblocks: only browser traffic is tunneled, so you don't have to spend time on tedious configuration at the operating system level.

Today, the developers of the browser announced changes in the mechanism of VPN operation. They will be made available to users gradually as part of the upgrade to release 49. The most important novelty is the abandonment of SurfEasy infrastructure by 2015, an independent company, which was then taken over by Opera itself. Now, however, SurfEasy has been bought back by Symantec, which forced changes.

[Image: W99dLIE.jpg]

The browser built-in VPN will henceforth be based on the infrastructure belonging to the Opera itself - despite the fact that the Opera Software department is best known on the consumer market, Opera is a much larger player in the field of hosting an extensive network infrastructure. The browser manufacturer promises that after dropping SurfEasy nodes, Opera VPN is expected to speed up.

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However, this is not the only change noticeable to the average Opera user. Specific countries will disappear from the location selection menu. Instead, regions will appear. In the first wave, you can use European connections, without distinguishing between specific countries. Over time, you will be able to establish connections with nodes on American continents and in Asia.

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