ProtonVPN is now also available in an Android version
ProtonVPN goes to the Android platform. This is the VPN service of the creators of the recognized ProtonMail, which went to computer users last year in a test form. The interest turned out to be so great that the company had to limit the availability of the test version and only a few months later these problems were solved by improving the servers. The Android application is to be the only one of its kind.

[Image: xeWOIOU.jpg]

The creators advertise the program as the only VPN application for Android that has no data transmission limits, is completely free, without ads and does not steal private information about the user, remaining a functional proposal even when using only the aforementioned free plan. In the long run, the application is also to be a breakthrough in the company's history - high hopes are associated with it, because while creating, attempts were made to solve problems typical of competing programs, and here the developers pay attention to malware sewn in some applications.

[Image: zGdTNYG.jpg]

You must start using the program to log in to your account or create a new one. During this activity, we can also choose the plan that interests us. Free offers the option of selecting connections from three countries, works on a single device and is designed to offer low transfer speeds.

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Other plans are paid from 4 to 24 euros per month, of which the most expensive subscription also gives access to the maximum version of ProtonMail and will work on 10 devices. The ability to choose a connection from any country and high connection speed are available from the cheapest paid plan, while support for additional servers, including Tor, requires a plan for 8 euros a month.

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