Snapchat employees abused company tools to spy on users
This time, protection of cyber security in the form of tools did not fail, but the human factor. According to the testimony of former employees of Snap Inc. responsible for one of the most popular instant messengers among young people, private user data was used in an unauthorized manner.
Every large technology company that stores its users' data has tools that allow you to get relevant information quickly when law enforcement intervenes. Snap Inc. he also had this type of software. SnapLion made it possible to obtain data such as location of Snapchata users, their personal data provided in the registration process, metadata of the message (with whom and when the user spoke), and even recorded snaps, i.e. photos or videos.

Officially, the application was used only for a specific purpose, such as cooperation with the police. However, according to the testimony of two former employees, it happened that the company employees used SnapLion for private purposes. The case concerns events from a few years ago, so it remains only to believe Snap that he no longer allows such behavior:
- Privacy protection is at Snap Inc. the parent value. We store very little user data and we have extensive policies and controls that restrict internal access to this data. Unauthorized access of any type is a clear violation of the company's business ethics standards and if it is detected, it results in an immediate release - commented the company's spokesperson.

It is worth noting that Snapchat is a popular sexting communicator, that is, sending messages, photos and videos of an erotic nature. The idea of Snapchata fits perfectly with this subject perfectly - the picture is lost forever (of course in theory, because in practice there are applications for making secret screenshots).

Please note that this is not the first case of Snapchat users' privacy violation. In 2014, the US Federal Trade Commission imposed a penalty on the company due to non-disclosure of the fact that geolocation data were collected and transferred to third parties. Industry giants can focus on the security of stored information, but often it is not the tools that fail, but the people who manage them.

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