Spotify goes to war with adblokers. You will block ads, you will get ban
Spotify is fed up with users blocking ads, so they will be able to ban them without regret. This is the result of the updated content of the service provision regulations.

In the chapter on user guidelines, a new sub-section appeared, according to which "circumventing or blocking ads on Spotify or creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements on Spotify" are completely prohibited.

The change is the aftermath of the report from 2018. Then analysts noticed that the ads are blocked by approximately 2.3 million free users. (People paying for their subscription do not have one). In the scale of the whole site, this is not much, considering the 157 million active accounts at that time and over 70 million paid subscribers, although it was decided to declare war on the adbloker.
[Image: 0CMPwFG.png]

Already in the last year, when someone was detected in the software blocking ads, account was suspended and information was sent to remove unwanted tools. Only when the user did not comply with the command, the account was banished irretrievably.

No warnings will be available from March 1; the lock will be applied immediately.

It seems that the new, more restrictive approach to blocking ads is the result of a significant increase in the popularity of the site, which for the first time in 13-year history managed to get a profit. In the fourth quarter of 2018, thanks to 96 million paid subscribers, Spotify achieved operating profit of USD 94 million. For reference, a year earlier they had $ 87 million. in the red.

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