What is Bitcoin and how does it change the world of finance?
Have you ever imagined that traditional letters from friends and family will be practically supplanted by electronic messages? Or that instead of arranging a meeting of a group of friends over the phone, just throw the collection password on the social network? Exactly the same can be with virtual currency.

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Today, hardly anyone will risk saying that Bitcoin can replace us with traditional money. And yet - the revolution takes place on the screens of our computers. What is Bitcoin basically and why does this topic heat up the world's tightest economic heads in red?

Bitcoin - a whim of Internet users, or the real future of money?

Bitcoin was born in 2008. Its creator is a person hiding under the nickname of Satoshi Nakamoto. There is a high probability that the success of the currency is not one man, and a group of genius programmers and mathematicians. And of course - marketers.

At first, the virtual currency seemed to be just another interesting idea of the Internet. This was particularly evident in the very low Bitcoin quotations when it debuted on the MTGox stock market and costed just USD 0.063 per BTC. The weak start, however, turned into a very dynamic procession to become the largest and most recognizable virtual currency in the world, which even powerful financial institutions are beginning to count on. It's enough to mention that in certain periods, the value of Bitcoin increased year by year by up to 1,400 percent!

How to get Bitcoins?

This task can be very easy, or very difficult. If you have enough cash - you can buy Bitcoin from another Internet user who wants to get rid of it. Or you can buy bitcoin on cryptoexchanges like coinbase.

Is Bitcoin a currency?

It depends on the interpretation. People buying and selling a coin and paying it in an increasing number of points will of course say yes. Quite different opinion are the governments of many countries, which probably for fear of another expansion of Bitcoin, are coming up with newer ways of limiting the freedom of this cryptocurrency. However, Germany gave its peace, for example - the local finance ministry recognized Bitcoin as a normal, accepted currency.

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