Where did these price increases come from? Litecoin hero of the day.
Yesterday it was a bullfight! Bitcoin, Litecoin and the rest of the herd went into a counteroffensive on the charts. Where did these increases come from?

First of all, the last weeks were marked by deadly boring days. We do not count here the recent drop in BTC, which was not particularly thrilling or deadlier. A small slip - that's all. The market apparently finally had to choose the direction. And he chose!

Perhaps investors helped Commissioner Robert J. Jackson Jr., who spoke with the Congressional Quarterly journalists. Fragments of this interview leaked to the media yesterday. The official reportedly said that despite the rejection of ETF applications last year, the body's position would eventually change. So bitcoin ETFs will arise? Let's wait for the facts, let's not get excited about gossip!

The hero of the day

The hero of the day, however, was Litecoin. Why? The Litecoin Foundation (LTC) has established cooperation with a software development company - Beam. The goal is to implement a new protocol that would improve transaction privacy and scalability.

The news was posted on the Beam blog, however, on February 7. Maybe only yesterday they reached the wider public and - in connection with the increase of BTC - they launched the rocket.

[Image: 3r1JO1M.jpg]

The new protocol, named "Mimblewimble", is now reportedly being tested. All work on the ongoing project will probably be published under an open source license.

Mimblewimble will enable "confidential transactions" to help achieve both increased privacy and prevent double spending.

The news about cooperation led to a rapid increase in the market value of Litecoina, which increased by 30.18 percent on that one day, reaching USD 43.21, ahead of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and EOS, and returning to the 4th position on CoinMarketCap.

Other cryptocurrencies also increased. Ethereum has grounds for at least a mini-boom, because the network is waiting for a hard fork Constantinopole, which will reduce the prize for the extraction of tokens, and thus lead to lower supply. According to the law of supply and demand, Vitalik Buterin's cryptocurrency should now become more expensive. However, the fact that this fact did not happen before is proof that the cryptocurrency market is still heavily dependent on Bitcoin.

Do you buy crypto currencies again?

Check how pumps and dumps works Big Grin 

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