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LibreOffice 6.2 now available. It introduces a new interface and many other changes
As announced on the The Document Foundation servers, there are already installation files for the open LibreOffice office suite, version 6.2. The most recognizable are the changes in the program interface, but these are not the only changes that have been made.

LibreOffice 6.2 introduced a new, optional interface called Tabbed (also known as Notebookbar, which is very confusing), available for the most important programs: Write, Calc, Draw and Impress. The commands have been collected themati
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Google boasts a great purge on Google Play
Dangerous, unrecognized and useless applications are the bane of Google Play, which scares almost from the very beginning of Android. Although the giant from Mountain View does what it can to deal with this problem, I have the impression that it is a fight with windmills. I do not count how many times we wrote last year about applications that should never have hit Google Play. Interestingly, this week, Google boasted ... great results of its fight against applications that do not meet the relev
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Mozilla adds a dark theme to the experimental Firefox Fenix browser
We've learned basically about the upcoming mobile browser from Mozilla recently, because in January this year. The project, called Firefox Fenix, is still in the experimental stage of development and it is currently difficult to determine how the application will look and work at the end.

However, we know for sure that Mozilla treats the project seriously and by launching the Feniks browser wants to offer users a completely new quality of using the network by adding interesting features and m
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Google is finally running a great feature in Maps
Google finally decided to launch a beta version of the feature, which was announced a few good months ago. More specifically, this is about "Live View", which is navigation in Maps via augmented reality - all in real time. From the beginning, the option could be used by people saved as local guides and those users who had Google Pixel smartphones. This time "Live View" will go on all compatible devices with Android and iOS. The function requires support for ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android).