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In Argentina, you can pay for public transport with Bitcoin
The Argentine state public transport card SUBE (Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico) can now be recharged using Bitcoin (BTC).

Alto Viaje, a platform that manages the recharge of SUBE cards, has partnered with Bitex, which offers block-based financial services. Thanks to the partnership, residents of 37 cities in Argentina will be able to top up the SUBE card with BTC. The SUBE card is accepted in public transport and authorizes you to travel by bus, train, metro and motorboat.

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Intel revealed the names and specifications of Core 9000 processors for the most powe
Previous rumors are confirmed. An official list of Intel processors has been added to the network, updated with the yet unannounced Core 9000 series H series. They are systems designed for use in the most efficient notebooks for gamers. According to the document prepared by the blue, six processors hit the market, with the flagship Core i9-9980HK at the forefront.

This chip is to offer 8 cores and 16 threads, 16 MB cache memory and Boost clock at the level of up to 5 GHz. The core i9-9980HK w
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The user location information leaked from the tracking application for weeks
It can not be concealed that applications that allow tracking the location of a given phone may prove to be an invaluable help even for parents. The problem starts when the information about the location of a particular equipment hits the wrong hands. Everything indicates that this is what happened in the case of one program.

Security researcher Sanyam Jain reports that the React Apps' Family Locator app has provided real-time data for approximately 238,000 people in the last dozen or so week
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Adblock could be used as an exploit for 100 million PCs
Serious vulnerabilities have been found in popular plug-ins that block ads on the web. As noted by cyber security expert Armin Sebastian, cited by Techradar, the problem concerns, among others Adblock, Adblock Plus and uBlock. The discovered ailment lies with the new filter introduced into the Adblock Plus plug-in version 3.2, which premiered in July 2018, and was then introduced to other solutions developed by eyeo GmbH. It is not known how many users are vulnerable, and whether anyone has expl