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Google: our encryption method is five times more efficient than AES. What does this m
Google presents the Adiantum encryption, which will also ensure the security of lower-end devices. Those who do not keep up with AES.

The Android devices market is very diverse. The number of these devices can make even the biggest enthusiasts suffer from headaches. It is a double-edged weapon, because on the one hand it contributes to its greater fragmentation, but on the other - something good for everyone. And everyone can find a device that meets his needs. Of course, flagship from the to
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Google boasts a great purge on Google Play
Dangerous, unrecognized and useless applications are the bane of Google Play, which scares almost from the very beginning of Android. Although the giant from Mountain View does what it can to deal with this problem, I have the impression that it is a fight with windmills. I do not count how many times we wrote last year about applications that should never have hit Google Play. Interestingly, this week, Google boasted ... great results of its fight against applications that do not meet the relev
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Google Chrome will allow links to be redirected to specific sections of the page
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Some websites offer the option of "anchoring" a given section of the site by adding a suitable hashtag at the end of the link, which leads to the content we choose. An example is Wikipedia - but everything points to the fact that Google is working on a new feature that will allow users to create personalized links that redirect to any phrase or sentence on each portal.

The engineer working on the development of the browser, David Bokan, proposed s
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Google is finally running a great feature in Maps
Google finally decided to launch a beta version of the feature, which was announced a few good months ago. More specifically, this is about "Live View", which is navigation in Maps via augmented reality - all in real time. From the beginning, the option could be used by people saved as local guides and those users who had Google Pixel smartphones. This time "Live View" will go on all compatible devices with Android and iOS. The function requires support for ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android).

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How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome?
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With the latest update, Google Chrome has started to block Flash content by default. Obsolete technology has been problematic for a long time due to numerous security holes. Strangely enough, a certain group of our Facebook readers were indignant at the news of the changes introduced in Chrome 76. It was with such people in mind that this short entry was made.

How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome?

There is still a lot of Flash content on th