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In Argentina, you can pay for public transport with Bitcoin
The Argentine state public transport card SUBE (Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico) can now be recharged using Bitcoin (BTC).

Alto Viaje, a platform that manages the recharge of SUBE cards, has partnered with Bitex, which offers block-based financial services. Thanks to the partnership, residents of 37 cities in Argentina will be able to top up the SUBE card with BTC. The SUBE card is accepted in public transport and authorizes you to travel by bus, train, metro and motorboat.

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Google is finally running a great feature in Maps
Google finally decided to launch a beta version of the feature, which was announced a few good months ago. More specifically, this is about "Live View", which is navigation in Maps via augmented reality - all in real time. From the beginning, the option could be used by people saved as local guides and those users who had Google Pixel smartphones. This time "Live View" will go on all compatible devices with Android and iOS. The function requires support for ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android).

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How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome?
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With the latest update, Google Chrome has started to block Flash content by default. Obsolete technology has been problematic for a long time due to numerous security holes. Strangely enough, a certain group of our Facebook readers were indignant at the news of the changes introduced in Chrome 76. It was with such people in mind that this short entry was made.

How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome?

There is still a lot of Flash content on th
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ProtonVPN is now also available in an Android version
ProtonVPN goes to the Android platform. This is the VPN service of the creators of the recognized ProtonMail, which went to computer users last year in a test form. The interest turned out to be so great that the company had to limit the availability of the test version and only a few months later these problems were solved by improving the servers. The Android application is to be the only one of its kind.

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The creators advertise the program as th
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Opera - changes in the built-in VPN in the latest update
Opera was the first to provide its users with a free VPN connection for over a year, which can be established from the browser itself. This is one of the fastest methods to bypass geoblocks: only browser traffic is tunneled, so you don't have to spend time on tedious configuration at the operating system level.

Today, the developers of the browser announced changes in the mechanism of VPN operation. They will be made available to users gradually as part of the upgrade to release 49. The most