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Google: our encryption method is five times more efficient than AES. What does this m
Google presents the Adiantum encryption, which will also ensure the security of lower-end devices. Those who do not keep up with AES.

The Android devices market is very diverse. The number of these devices can make even the biggest enthusiasts suffer from headaches. It is a double-edged weapon, because on the one hand it contributes to its greater fragmentation, but on the other - something good for everyone. And everyone can find a device that meets his needs. Of course, flagship from the to
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Microsoft employees eavesdrop on our Skype calls
After Google and Apple, it's time for the creators of Windows.

The earthquake about listening to conversations of users of various popular services by the largest technology companies in the world continues. After two recent scandals, representatives of Google and Apple decided to stop (probably temporary) the transmission of audio samples recorded by assistants to their language specialists. Now the media attention has turned to Microsoft.

The latest report prepared by Motherboard shows t