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What is Bitcoin and how does it change the world of finance?
Have you ever imagined that traditional letters from friends and family will be practically supplanted by electronic messages? Or that instead of arranging a meeting of a group of friends over the phone, just throw the collection password on the social network? Exactly the same can be with virtual currency.

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/s7u2MU2.png]

Today, hardly anyone will risk saying that Bitcoin can replace us with traditional money. And yet - the revolution takes place on the screens
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Where did these price increases come from? Litecoin hero of the day.
Yesterday it was a bullfight! Bitcoin, Litecoin and the rest of the herd went into a counteroffensive on the charts. Where did these increases come from?

First of all, the last weeks were marked by deadly boring days. We do not count here the recent drop in BTC, which was not particularly thrilling or deadlier. A small slip - that's all. The market apparently finally had to choose the direction. And he chose!

Perhaps investors helped Commissioner Robert J. Jackson Jr., who spoke with the C
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Intel revealed the names and specifications of Core 9000 processors for the most powe
Previous rumors are confirmed. An official list of Intel processors has been added to the network, updated with the yet unannounced Core 9000 series H series. They are systems designed for use in the most efficient notebooks for gamers. According to the document prepared by the blue, six processors hit the market, with the flagship Core i9-9980HK at the forefront.

This chip is to offer 8 cores and 16 threads, 16 MB cache memory and Boost clock at the level of up to 5 GHz. The core i9-9980HK w
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Google Chrome will allow links to be redirected to specific sections of the page
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/JYnenFe.jpg]

Some websites offer the option of "anchoring" a given section of the site by adding a suitable hashtag at the end of the link, which leads to the content we choose. An example is Wikipedia - but everything points to the fact that Google is working on a new feature that will allow users to create personalized links that redirect to any phrase or sentence on each portal.

The engineer working on the development of the browser, David Bokan, proposed s
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Bank of China joins the blockchain development project
Bank of China, one of the largest financial institutions in China, joined the cooperative development group, which aims to create an integrated real estate platform - based on blockchain technology. New World Development teamed up with the Hong Kong Institute of Scientific and Technical Research to launch a blockchain platform called PropTech. In cooperation with BoC, the platform is to accelerate the buying and selling of real estate by as much as 8 hours, New World Development said.

The pla
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Ensure privacy on the internet. 8 best VPN programs
VPNs provide privacy on the Internet. And the ability to protect privacy and location is key for many users.

[Image: https://i.imgur.com/aYCkrgp.jpg]

Windscribe VPN

Program for anonymous use of the Internet. Windscribe hides our location, encrypts traffic during browsing, blocks advertising, and allows you to bypass regional blockades. The free version of the program gives access to VPN servers in 10 locations (including USA, Canada,
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The user location information leaked from the tracking application for weeks
It can not be concealed that applications that allow tracking the location of a given phone may prove to be an invaluable help even for parents. The problem starts when the information about the location of a particular equipment hits the wrong hands. Everything indicates that this is what happened in the case of one program.

Security researcher Sanyam Jain reports that the React Apps' Family Locator app has provided real-time data for approximately 238,000 people in the last dozen or so week
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The virus encrypts the hard drive until PewDiePie exceeds 100 million subscriptions
PewDiePie vs. T-Series war is still going on and the most faithful fans of the Swedish creator are doing everything to make him the king of YouTube. Some buy advertisements on billboards, others simply ask for a subscription for Felix, and others ... they encrypt hard drives.

Some fans of Felix Kjellberg have gone to such a drastic pace as launching at least two ransomware variants that encrypt victims' hard drives. They display information that the decryption key will be made available when
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Mozilla adds a dark theme to the experimental Firefox Fenix browser
We've learned basically about the upcoming mobile browser from Mozilla recently, because in January this year. The project, called Firefox Fenix, is still in the experimental stage of development and it is currently difficult to determine how the application will look and work at the end.

However, we know for sure that Mozilla treats the project seriously and by launching the Feniks browser wants to offer users a completely new quality of using the network by adding interesting features and m
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AMD drivers do not like the May update of Windows 10
We know the solution to the problem.

If you have tried to install the May update of Windows 10 on your AMD-based computers and it ended with a failure as a result of an error, then we have to save you. A certain group of users of AMD hardware have a problem for which Microsoft provides drivers from that manufacturer. A solution has already been found.

The trouble with installing the latest patch for Windows 10 applies to AMD Ryzen processor and AMD Ryzen Threadripper owners with AMD RAID d