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Spotify goes to war with adblokers. You will block ads, you will get ban
Spotify is fed up with users blocking ads, so they will be able to ban them without regret. This is the result of the updated content of the service provision regulations.

In the chapter on user guidelines, a new sub-section appeared, according to which "circumventing or blocking ads on Spotify or creating or distributing tools designed to block advertisements on Spotify" are completely prohibited.

The change is the aftermath of the report from 2018. Then analysts noticed that the ads are
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Google Chrome will allow links to be redirected to specific sections of the page
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Some websites offer the option of "anchoring" a given section of the site by adding a suitable hashtag at the end of the link, which leads to the content we choose. An example is Wikipedia - but everything points to the fact that Google is working on a new feature that will allow users to create personalized links that redirect to any phrase or sentence on each portal.

The engineer working on the development of the browser, David Bokan, proposed s
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Mozilla adds a dark theme to the experimental Firefox Fenix browser
We've learned basically about the upcoming mobile browser from Mozilla recently, because in January this year. The project, called Firefox Fenix, is still in the experimental stage of development and it is currently difficult to determine how the application will look and work at the end.

However, we know for sure that Mozilla treats the project seriously and by launching the Feniks browser wants to offer users a completely new quality of using the network by adding interesting features and m
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Microsoft: Outlook.com user data leaked. What do you need to know?
Microsoft reported that hackers have gained access to some of Outlook.com's user accounts. Admittedly, they could not get an insight into the message, but they had access to e-mail addresses, folder names and e-mail titles. Unauthorized access took place in the first three months of this year.

Outlook.com is another place where data leakage occurred. Microsoft reported that on January 1 - March 28, hackers gained access to information from some users. They managed to do this through a support
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Snapchat employees abused company tools to spy on users
This time, protection of cyber security in the form of tools did not fail, but the human factor. According to the testimony of former employees of Snap Inc. responsible for one of the most popular instant messengers among young people, private user data was used in an unauthorized manner.
Every large technology company that stores its users' data has tools that allow you to get relevant information quickly when law enforcement intervenes. Snap Inc. he also had this type of software. SnapLion ma
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How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome?
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With the latest update, Google Chrome has started to block Flash content by default. Obsolete technology has been problematic for a long time due to numerous security holes. Strangely enough, a certain group of our Facebook readers were indignant at the news of the changes introduced in Chrome 76. It was with such people in mind that this short entry was made.

How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome?

There is still a lot of Flash content on th