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AMD drivers do not like the May update of Windows 10
We know the solution to the problem.

If you have tried to install the May update of Windows 10 on your AMD-based computers and it ended with a failure as a result of an error, then we have to save you. A certain group of users of AMD hardware have a problem for which Microsoft provides drivers from that manufacturer. A solution has already been found.

The trouble with installing the latest patch for Windows 10 applies to AMD Ryzen processor and AMD Ryzen Threadripper owners with AMD RAID d
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Opera - changes in the built-in VPN in the latest update
Opera was the first to provide its users with a free VPN connection for over a year, which can be established from the browser itself. This is one of the fastest methods to bypass geoblocks: only browser traffic is tunneled, so you don't have to spend time on tedious configuration at the operating system level.

Today, the developers of the browser announced changes in the mechanism of VPN operation. They will be made available to users gradually as part of the upgrade to release 49. The most